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Business Cooperation

On a regular basis, we are dedicating ourselves to the researching on the commonness and otherness of professional services, seeking for the inspirations from diverse experiences in other areas and hence, to ultimately promote the innovation of professional service practice.

Under this line of thinking, therefore, we are pleased to dialogue with talents in various areas including management consulting, financing, law, accounting, HR solutions, advertising, and communication, to explore together with our partners into the development of professional service industry in domestic, and to exchange opinions and ideas interactively. We enjoy sharing with you our experiences and puzzles, whether you are an independent institution or individual, from other fields or from our competitors.

Holding hands as partners, supporting each other when moving forward, we will certainly witness the evolvement of the professional service industry in China, promote the diversification of this very industry, and at last, realize the maturity of our own.

We would like to communicate with you in our message board, or you may contact us by phone or email.